Driving Mental Health Awareness Through Automotive Design.

Have you ever felt lost with no where to turn? Have you ever felt stressed with no way to fix your problem? Have you ever needed to get something off your chest but not wanted to seem weak? Now imagine someone you were close to came up to you in that moment and told you it was okay to open up and get it off your chest...

You aren't the only one, you're friends, your family, the people at work, they've all felt like you. Let them know that they can talk, make it okay to speak when things are tough.

Our mission is to change the culture around conversation, making it okay to talk when things get tough. We believe cars are the key to doing this, through cars we can bridge the gap between talking cars, and talking openly. Our clothing stands for that goal, and by wearing it you send a message to those around you that you stand for it too.

The Classic Tee

We've taken our inspiration from an Icon.
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Takona Classic logo tee

Want to show those close to you that you care? Want to look good while you do it? Want the next level in quality? Well now you can!

The Takona Classic logo tee not only marks the next step in quality, screen printed front and back with a felt inner logo, but also marks the change to holding stock of products. We have them! They’re ready for you! All you have to do is place the order.
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A Small Brand with a Big Goal.

We want to change the mindset around mental health conversation. Making talking about mental health commonplace, and encouraging the automotive community to confide in eachother when things are tough.

  • Takona is the bridge between talking cars, and talking mental health. We make our clothing to encourage connection so that you can be the person in the Takona design and let people around you know they can open up.

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    Takona Classic Logo 3D Embroidered Hoodie

    Want to let your friends know you care?

    Want to represent talking, open conversation, getting things off your chest?

    Want to look good while doing both?

    You need the 3D Embroidered hoodie from the brand that stands for talking.

    Embroidered into High GSM Cotton in the UK.

    More than clothes.



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    It’s Ok To Tlk lanyard

    Show your support for the people you care about, let those around you know you support mental health conversation, and never lose your keys again!

    The It’s Ok To Tlk lanyards are now in stock! They’re here! We have them! You can have one too!


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    I purchased and picked up my classic logo Tee shirt, and I can honestly say that it's the comfiest and most premium brand feeling tee shirt that I've owned for a long time. Even down to quality of the print and the inside logo being of a felt feeling
    June 15, 2021
    LOVE IT!
    I received my hoodie and Tshirt and just wanted you to know how delighted I am with them both. Extremely good quality. I have been wearing the hoodie to take my dog out and hopefully the logo will encourage people to talk to me.
    February 6, 2021
    Great Quality
    The Hoodie is super soft and the stitching on the embroidery is so well done! I wear it almost every day.
    January 12, 2021