The questions we get asked most here at Takona.
How long does the design of the month take to arrive?

In short, three weeks after the end of the month.

Design of the month is only available as a pre-order until the end of each month after which we send the production order over to our print partners Squeezed Orange to be made.

The production time is 3 weeks, Squeezed Orange then send us all the items to ship out to you individually.

Takona JDM t-shirt alongside the Takona Toyota GT86 T44KNA
How does your clothing fit?

We've a couple of general rules to the fit and finish of our clothing:

The standard t-shirts sit on the slightly slimmer side of the scale, they will be within usual size parameters (Large will fit you if you normally wear a large etc.)

The heavy tee is a relaxed, baggier fit made of thicker cotton that sits noticeably heavier. They aren't longer fitting than our standard tee's just wider and thicker. The image is of a heavy tee.

Our hoodies are slimmer fitting like the standard t-shirts but as they are designed to go over another garment we recommend going for a size bigger than you would order a t-shirt, we've found them to be a bit too snug for most people otherwise.

Pink Takona Hoodie worn in a Morgan Super 3 sports car
What timeframe does embroidered clothing take?

All of our embroidered items are made bespoke, and have a turnaround time of up to four weeks.

Because they're made bespoke it means we have some flexibility for you to be creative with your order, several of our embroidered items started out as custom requests.

Fancy something a bit different to the standard colour options?

let us know!

How often do you hold your car meets?

The coffees and cars meets are monthly. They're on the second weekend of the month with some being on the Saturday and some on the Sunday.

We work with amazing partners in order to host the meets and create spaces for car enthusiasts to come together.

For full details head over to our Coffees and Cars page.

Coffees & Cars
Is Takona a charity?

Nope, we don't provide enough of service to justify being a charity, and wouldn't want to deceive people by pretending that we are.

The concept of Takona is to create a cultural difference through brand awareness, seeing our clothing, stickers, hats, lanyards etc. means you've spotted someone who believes that it's okay to talk. The more the brand grows the further our message spreads.

We believe that the support services and charities provide essential support for people, and as such we give 10% of our profits to CALM, they provide services we don't have the resource to.

What does the Takona name mean?

In short, it doesn't really mean anything. It's a word that Takona founder Lewis came up with as a child for the car company he dreamed of creating.

It was chosen as a unique word that stood for something, as the Takona becomes more well known, what it stands for becomes the meaning of the word. Our aim is to make Takona instantly recognisable for cars and mental health.

Encouraging others to talk through familiarity of the brand.

Our Story
Do you do bespoke work?

Yes we do, each project is discussed directly to better understand our customers needs and expectations.

From bespoke Takona clothing, to custom artwork and photography, and even a little event collaboration. We're always interested in new and interesting projects.

Get in touch with us to find out more.

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