We're a community, represented by the people that believe in the message.

Our Ambassadors not only embody the Takona idea but also share it.

Each Ambassador has their own discount code, you use it, and the savings you make go to them as store credit.

Want to be an ambassador? Get in touch to find out more.
Kyan Gohill

A young man with big potential, we met Kyan whilst at an event and could see the spark of a future racing champ.

Continuously working to do good outside of the racing, Kyan is a real inspiration for a young generation.

Code : Kyan15

Marc O'Shea

We met Marc down near Brighton, a very talented artist and photographer, amongst other talents. We've even had him on the podcast.

A continous inspiration for the way that cars and connections can make a huge positive impact. We're proud to have him onboard.

Code : Oshea15

Alex Denham

Alex is a photographer and an inspiration, having seen the amount of encouragement and honesty she shares, along with her amazing work, we invited her on the podcast.

Didn't take long before we asked her to be an ambassador too.

Code : Denham15

The Denham
Phil Armatage

We met Phil and his amazing 370z powered F150 down at Goodwood for Retro Rides, within a couple of minutes he was asking to put a sticker on the truck.

Every time we see Phil he's talking to someone, a real embodiment of what we're about.

Follow Phil's build over on Instagram.

Code : Mongreldogracing15

Takona founder LEWIS WARREN with Ambassador Leon Watts
Leon Watts

Leon is a brilliant young man pioneering Autism awareness throughout the automotive world through his Autoism car club. A real embodiment of all the things that Takona stands for and an inspiration to many.

Code : Leon15

James Millar

James is a racing driver, I mean that should be enough right?
Pretty cool to have a racing driver as an ambassador.

We got a message from James having been to a few coffees and cars meets and wanting to share Takona more. How could we say no?

Code - Millar15

JGM Racing
Trevor & Zoe Bourner

Trevor and Zoe have been supporting Takona for a while, having put stickers on their brilliantly Green (colour not EV) Mercedes.

They recently started a Facebook community called Lit Cars as a way to build community and connect, so got in touch about using this platform to help share what Takona is doing. Being able to share the coffees and cars meets and the way that cars and their communities bring people together is exactly what Takona is about and so makes for a perfect match.

Code - Bourner15

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