Where Googling yourself can lead you.

by Lewis Warren on October 19, 2020

On a recent walk with my lovely lady, we encountered what could only be described as a hideous Vauxhall Astra which looked like it had been dragged backwards through a halford parts bin. Unfortunately the owners of said Astra were in the car at the time and I couldn't take a photo in passing to accompany this post.

This did however lead to my explaining that if you google image search a number plate it will likely give you results for images of the car being shared online. To demonstrate what I meant I did a quick google on my phone of the old number plates of the GT86, PF63OJJ, when scrolling through the images I noticed one was a link to Top Gear. 

Google Image Search of PF63OJJ

I've never had communication with Top Gear so was pretty confused, as you would, I clicked the link. 

It turns out that this was a link to Top Gear Philippines! One of their eagle eyed writes had spotted the recent Toyota UK interview and done their own spin on some of the things that were discussed as well as some information on Takona itself. 

Top Gear Philippines Takona Feature

An amazing chain of events, all thanks to an horrendous attempt at modifying an Astra, and who says halfords finest stick on chrome isn't good for something!