Two New Coffees and Cars!

by Lewis Warren on May 07, 2022

We've got two more coffees and cars partners joining the network, bringing the current number of regular meets to 5! 

That's 5 places for community to come together, 5 times where people can make new friends, have more conversations, and connect with those that share their passion. 

I'm proud to welcome The Car Crowd Cafe and The Motorist into the group, helping us making a difference. The Car Crowd Cafe are based in Newark in the midlands, and the Motorist are based in Leeds, up north. Creating a further reach for the network, and providing more access to community across the country.

Car Crowd Cafe image
Some will already know the connection Takona has had with The Car Crowd, having had founder David on The Morning Drive Podcast. Since our first meeting back at the British Motorshow David has been consistently enthusiastic for us to be able to work together, with the Cafe now up and running we've got the opportunity to do so. 

The Motorist Logo
The Motorist connection was started from a conversation with Graham, a regular up at the Motorist and a great guy who got in touch, keen to get Takona involved up there. Graham very kindly headed down to the Motorist, explained what Coffees and Cars was, and got us connected. From there we got the ball rolling pretty quickly, and another meet joined the network! 
These communities are the foundation for promoting connection and conversation, with the underlying mindset being that these are the people who you can turn to if you need to talk. Just having a reason to get up and go enjoy your morning surrounded by people who share your passion can often be what's needed to take the edge off things. These positive memories and the community spirit can go a long way in helping people to feel like they belong, to bring them out of their shells, and ultimately, to help their mental wellbeing. 


Next week is mental health awareness week, with the loneliness being the key focus, by creating these communities that celebrate cars and bring people together, we're helping to make a difference. By being part of these communities, coming to the meets, chatting to other people that come down, you're making a difference too. 

Thank you, you legends.