Takona Morning Drive

by Lewis Warren on December 06, 2020

A huge part of what I hope to achieve through Takona is getting people talking.

Through talking I believe a huge portion of overcoming difficulty can be achieved. Whether it's as simple as getting something off your chest, or as complex as systematically going through issues and creating pathways to resolve issues and recover, talking is a crucial part.

With this fundamental goal for Takona, I want to get more talking done, so I've started a Youtube Series / Podcast; The Takona Morning Drive. 

The idea of this project is to have conversations with car enthusiasts, show off some interesting cars, and share some stories. Stories of overcoming difficulty, making connections, or just fun times in the car world. Through the project I hope to show the real value of talking.

So here's the first one, just me, an iphone, and a morning drive through the countryside in my GT86. I hope you enjoy.