Takona and Toyota

by Lewis Warren on October 14, 2020

A few weeks ago I got a rather exciting email appear in the Takona inbox:

"Hi this is Jake Weaver and I work for Toyota/Lexus GB and i was wondering if you would be interested in discussing your clothing brand, your links to mental health charities, and of course, your Toyota GT86 for the official Toyota blog"

An amazing milestone to be getting recognition from a global car maker, and a huge positive step to see a juggernaut of the car world wanting to raise awareness for mental health. 

A couple of weeks later, whilst sipping coffee overlooking the dorset seafront, I received a call from Jake who explained he had leaped at the opportunity to take this opportunity as it was something close to his heart, further affirming that this interview was coming from a place of awareness and mental health positivity, and not a quick chance for some good news marketing. 

Read the full interview here.