Morning Drive Episode 2

by Lewis Warren on February 01, 2021

The Takona Morning Drive is a direct way to promote conversation, discuss mental health topics, and share some interesting stories.

Episode 1 saw me laying out the idea and what I hoped to achieve with the project, Episode 2 see's the first steps put in place. With the lockdown still firmly in place, the episodes will, for the time being, be just me. With a hope for future involvement from interesting friends within the automotive world the Morning Drive will hopefully grow in both popularity and quality.

Episode 2 is set using the formula I hope to try with guests, a bit of Mental Health discussion and back story, a look at and conversation around a car or two (in this case my GT86), and an interesting car story. Hopefully this formula will work well and provide a good platform for viewers to know what to expect.

So here's Episode 2: