March Coffees and Cars

by Lewis Warren on March 14, 2022

Yesterday saw 3 coffees and cars events all happen at the same time!

Thats three communities that came together, three places where people were gathering and connecting, three opportunities to make friends, chat to other enthusiasts, and become part of the growing Takona community.

Thats three times that someone may have not fancied leaving the house that day, but did because of cars. These things make a difference.

These would be possible without our brilliant partners squisita, cars and coffee Cheshire, and avanti grille who hosted the meets.

We've found the Roadstr App has been a hugely impactful app for the meets, giving people access to whats happening, creating communities of people coming to the meets, and providing a place to connect with other enthusiasts.

We've seen so many people get involved on the app, planning drives down, and chatting about what cars to bring.

Thank you to everyone who came down and became part of our community.

The best thing, they'll all be happening again next month!


Takona hoodie in front of a Ferrari Testarossa

Grace stood next to our GT86 at Cars and Coffee Cheshire

Mclaren 720s Leaving the carpark at the Sawbridgeworth Coffees and Cars

Jaguar E-Type leaving the car park at Sawbridgeworth Coffees and Cars

Side shot of a Ferrari FF and a BMW E90 M3

Selection of cars at Avanti Grille Coffees and Cars

Lancia Delta Integrale at Cars and Coffee CheshireDeTomaso Pantera at Cars and Coffee Cheshire

Lamborghini Huracan STO at Avanti Grille Coffees and Cars

BMW 6 Series at Coffees and Cars Sawbridgeworth

Alpine A610 Turbo at Cars and Coffee Cheshire

Lotus Europa at Cars and Coffee Cheshire

Classic Truck at Coffees and Cars Sawbridgeworth

Photos from a few places, including @ddubs1968, @brianduffyphoto @cars_seen_side_on