Lockdown - Contributed Designs

by Lewis Warren on April 28, 2020
It's uncertain times we live in at the moment, the world is in a state of limbo and lockdown, the UK is relying more heavily than ever on it's amazing NHS, and world governments are doing their best to provide crutches to their the nations.
It's a time that is banding people together, from a safe distance, not just locally, but globally. From across the planet friendships are being made, music is being shared, and art is being created. There is a sense of solidarity across the continents, and a growing community is forming of people showing their resolve through tough times.
This sense of community is what has been ever present within the automotive world, it is one of the main attributes that Takona aims to work with to help others. So whilst we are all stuck at home, without access to car shows, and the community we've grown to love, I decided it was time to show some community spirit to some of those that may be taking the hit a little harder; independent automotive artists. Those relying on being seen to making their living, without an employer supplementing them through these difficult times, who's amazing talent and creativity deserves to be shared.

The Takona Contributed Range

4 Tile Layout of Designs - Green Background - Takona Watermark

The Takona Contributed Range brings together submitted pieces from independent automotive artists in an attempt to showcase their work as well as provide a potential extra outlet through these difficult times. It was agreed that 10% of profits will go to CALM.
The brief was simple, it has to fit onto A4, be car themed, and print onto white. With specific instruction to be as creative as possible. The pieces that have been received so far are all incredible, and are all done in their creators unique styles, they really speak for themselves...
205 Gti - Architects Garage Design - Green Background - Takona Watermark 
Submitted by The Architects Garage - combining architecture pieces with the king of the hot hatch, 205 Gti. Find more of his work here.
Lancia Delta Integrale - Petrol Odour - Green Background - Takona Watermark
Submitted by Petrol Odour - Combining the iconic Delta Integrale known the world over for its Rallying might, with an inspired livery style taking cues from a recognisable tyre manufacturer. Find more of his work Here.
 Porsche 964 - Chris Wong Drawing Design - Green Background - Takona Watermark
Submitted by Chris Wong - the now beloved 964, so good singer use them as their base for reimagining, and set contrastingly against a peach background to make that grey pop. Find more of his work Here.
Porsche 993 - The Inside Outside Man - Green Background - Takona Watermark
 Submitted by The Inside Outside Man - A design that just screams speed and drama, combining the Its Ok To Tlk message with a high energy 993, this design springs from the page. Find more of his work Here.
These are the first four designs that have been received, the hope of the project is that this kickstarts more artists to get involved and really helps tap into that community spirit that bonds the car world together. Every design is available through the store as a T-shirt find them Here.
Stay Home, Stay Safe.