Henry Catchpole Podcast Episode Out Now!

by Lewis Warren on July 26, 2022

The latest podcast episode is out now!

Featuring the one and only, Henry Catchpole. I even got a photo of him stood with the cars.

Henry Catchpole stood with the Takona Renault 5

Automotive journalist, presenter of Carfection, and all round great guy. Henry has been a supporter of Takona from practically day one, what started with a follow on twitter, lead to the Evo Mag article, and he even dropped an order for the Lego Audi T-shirt back when the t-shirts were still experimental! 

We talk his career, how his Carfection work came about, and some of the interesting stories from his career, a highlight episode for me personally, and a great listen. (Although I am biased)

You can find Henry on Twitter @HenryCatchpole and Instagram @HenryCatchpole

The podcast is available on most Podcast platforms and on the Website at https://www.takona.co.uk/pages/podcasts