Gallery - How a T-shirt can connect people.

by Lewis Warren on October 31, 2020

Last week I posted the Harrods Mclaren inspired t shirt images, one of the photos accompanying the design was of a very special Mclaren P1GTR.

Mclaren P1 GTR with Takona T-shirt

Little did I expect that the owner would see the design, get in touch and have myself and prestige_photography_essex round to take photos of the t-shirt with the car. As if that wasn’t enough, the original F1GTR with the livery that inspired the design was hiding away in the garage!

Mclaren F1 GTR with Takona T-Shirt

This is the power of the car world for me, it’s the reason Takona exists. Connecting people from all walks of life with a common interest, cars. If we can use this great connectors to bridge the gap in talking cars to talking mental health then we’ll be able to make an impact on the ever growing male suicide problem.

The idea behind the Takona style is to make recognisably car themed designs, to connect people and get them talking. Through this idea we hope to help bridge the gap between talking cars to talking life, making connections, and getting things off your chest.

My belief is that the first step to helping solve men’s mental health issues, is to make them feel like it’s okay to talk about their problems.

This photos set is a prime example of that connection, this t-shirt brought together the owner of an ultra rare car, and the creator of a t-shirt inspired by the design. Two people from different walks of life that wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for cars.

Mclaren P1GTR with Takona It's Ok To Tlk. SweatshirtMclaren P1 GTRMclaren P1 GTRMclaren P1GTR in a car liftTakona T-Shirt with Mclaren P1GTR