Coffees and Cars is a Go!

by Lewis Warren on June 20, 2021

A usually very quiet and empty high street sprang to life thanks to the coming together of car enthusiasts. We teamed up with Mike from Pizza Squisita, a local car enthusiast who just so happens to have a coffee shop, to bring the local car community out for a bit of Sunday morning community.


We were expecting a small gathering for our first attempt, a few cars, a couple of friends, nothing too big but enough to get a flavour for the idea. What happened was an fantastic display of how word gets round and how car enthusiasts come together. With roughly 30 cars coming down to our normally quiet village, we filled the high street and part of the car park. 

Everyone arrived, parked up, grabbed a coffee, and chatted to the other people there. It's exactly what we wanted this to be, people coming together as a community to appreciate the passions of others and get to know other car enthusiasts in their local area. 

A huge thank you to everyone who came, and for being respectful of the local area. We can't wait to see who's coming for the next one on July 11th.