Classic Performance Engineering - April 2023

by Lewis Warren on April 19, 2023

Classic Performance Engineering - April 2023

We paid a visit to our good friends at Classic Performance Engineering for a coffee and catchup, whilst I was visiting I had a wander around to capture some photos of the amazing work that the team do. 

From iconic Ferraris, to sprightliest of Lotus, the CPE team have a breadth of knowledge and experience with some of the most incredible, rare, and complex cars to have every been created. The team at CPE have created a classic car enthusiast dream location, nestled within the idyllic backdrop of Bicester Heritage Technical site, the 8,000 square feet building hosts a full machine shop, dedicated engine and gearbox “clean rooms,” assembly stations and multiple ramps. If you wanted to restore, maintain, and run a classic car, especially something a bit special, you couldn't really get better equipped than what Classic Performance Engineering have. 

On a personal level, the team at CPE have fast become good friends, having met somewhat by chance after a scramble, we've shared our love of the automotive at multiple events around the country, catching up often over a coffee for a good chat. A real example of how cars can bring people together from all ways of life, our love of cars being the connecting factor between us, without any judgement on what car you drive or where you come from, our GT86 often seen parked up outside their building alongside the array of rare classics. The true spirit of the automotive world.