Charity Raffle Roundup

by Lewis Warren on January 26, 2023

We gathered as many of the amazing people that made up our Christmas Raffle for CALM together. We raised over £1,400 for the charity in the run up to Christmas.

This was a chance to meet some of the people who made this little idea between three mates into something truly special. Including the three prize winners.

Thank you to everyone who got involved with prizes, getting tickets, or just sharing it was happening, you’re all amazing.

Gasoline Juice very kindly raised the shutter, ahead of the official opening of the space, to allow us to meet up and give a dry run to how the space works with people inside and a coffee trailer in the middle.

Cesar has been pouring hours upon hours into creating this amazing place, with a well tailored aesthetic from the moment you walk in.

It’s impossible not to find it impressive here, and we look forward to doing more together when opportunities arise.

Thank you to carburettor coffee for lugging that trailer across the country, and to NWVT for these amazing photos.

Takona Founder Lewis WARREN Smiling whilst talking with attendees of the gasoline juice meet

Interior shot of gasoline juice taken from behind the fiat 124 that was parked inside.

interior shot of gasoline juice showcasing some of the Jaguar XJ decor

Prize winner Frederick Killinger receiving his prize from automotive artist Jonny Ambrose

Photographer Jamie Bufton smiles for the camera

Attendees of the coffee morning smiling and laughing The Nissan S-Cargo of Illustrator Maker, the Toyota GT86 of Takona, and the Landrover Defender of Frederick Killinger, parked outside Gasoline Juice in the fog.