2021 - A year in review

by Lewis Warren on January 05, 2022

2021 has now finished, and what a year it’s been.

Takona has grown in many different ways over the last 12 months, and we’re only going to be growing more in the next. 

The Brand 


We’ve been on some adventures this year, starting with made to order and a multitude of colours and designs but a glacially slow turnaround, to holding stock and diversifying the products we do and getting orders out in 3 days in our own packaging. 

From a couple of tee’s to a range of: hoodies, t-shirts, key tags, hats, lanyards, stickers and even water bottles. We introduced the pizza boxes, smashed out stock for shows, and started several exciting projects, this years been a blast for what we do.

The Shows

The year we got to do some actual shows!

A huge thank you to everyone that came and spoke to us a the events, and to all the amazing event organisers that had us come along.

In just these pics we had:

Yakushi @ petrolheadonism 
Yakushi Show 
The British Motorshow
Petrolheadonism at Knebworth House

Kop hillclimb
Coffees and Cameras at the studio

And that’s not counting the meets, evenings, London trips, podcasts, and our own coffees and cars.

Coffees and Cars

We teamed up with Squisita to start our own local community, creating the opportunity for connections and friendships to blossom. What an amazing response we’ve had, with so many people coming down regularly and so many new connections being made, all thanks to cars. It’s these positive memories and the community that grows that’s going to be the key to helping drive the idea that it’s okay to talk about mental health, these people are your friends, and they are there for you.

We started sowing the seeds of an interconnected network of coffees and cars, with partnerships starting up across the country, we’re going to be making more of these brilliant communities in 2022!

The Cars

This year has seen us on many adventures, the biggest one being buying and running the cheapest classic cars with an MOT in the UK.

Back in January we picked up Lilah, and the smiles, miles, and breakdowns have been coming ever since. She’s been to shows, met celebrities, travelled across the country, and been recovered by the AA only twice!

We’ve been to so many places and met so many people, all thanks to cars. The basis of Takona, using cars to connect people. 

2022 is going to see some more changes to both the GT86 and Lilah, and keeping us on our adventures!

The People

Takona exists for people. This year has been a huge one, we finally got chance to get out and meet the amazing people in the car world.

We’ve seen community come together, relationships flourish, and friendships bloom. These connections are the foundations for conversation and talking.

Through cars, we’re making a difference. Creating connections and establishing a foundation that it’s okay to talk.

A huge thank you to everyone who’s been involved with us on the journey so far, we’re looking forward to the people we’ll meet in 2022.