This year has seen us all at home, missing out on social life, not being able to go out and drive unless essential. For many their car is their escape from difficult times, and car shows are their way to meet friends and connect with others.

An event with the purpose of connection and celebration is what we are needing when this is over. 

I'm aiming to allow small independent brands to attend in a trade area, to help support small business and give a much needed kick to those who have been getting by on a shoestring throughout these difficult times. The normal way in which car events are put together is that venues are paid for using trade stands and ticket prices,  often making it difficult for small businesses to enter, this community project will allow those to get that step on the ladder. Tickets will still be utilised to help fund future events with the same mindset, the project is to get the idea off the ground and implement the initial steps.
Find the full project here.

Takona GT86 along with Takona Stand at Fuel Fest 2020