Fuel Fest 2020 The First Takona Stand

by Lewis Warren on September 15, 2020

This weekend saw the first stand for the brand, having been kindly asked to attend fuel fest.

Takona Stand at Fuel Fest with the Black Takona GT86

Show season had all but been written off for me this year, and fortunately the small Go Fund Me campaign had brought in a few donations to help cover the basics. So with roughly a months notice it was a mad scramble to assemble as much as possible to put together a stand!

The gazebo, Table, banner arrived by the Monday before the show, and the small selection of stock was ready with just two days to spare!

Takona Stand with Stock on Display

Laughing from behind the stand

If that wasn't cutting things fine, half an hour before we set off for Brighton the postman arrived with my all new number plates for the car, that perfectly match the brand. the 3D Gel plates were supplied by my good friends BnS Bitz and suit the car amazingly. It all came together just in time!

Takona GT86 with the New T44KNA Number plate

Included in this selection of stock was the absolutely fantastic 3D embroidered It's Ok To Tlk Hoodie and Sweatshirt, exciting new additions to the brand, and with incredible quality. I could not be happier being able to bring these to the store, for both the mental health message they display, and the quality of the items themselves. 

Takona Its Ok To Tlk 3D Embroidered Cropped Hoodie

Close up of the 3D Embroidered It's Ok To Tlk

The show itself saw an amazing mix of cars from all variations of the car community, from the BAC Mono I was lucky enough to get a sit in, right across to the Austin Metro of Connor from Driven Escape who amazingly shared the stand space with me. Every style and taste was covered. In addition to the amazing cars on display, there was the infamous Fuel Burgers, live music, a racing simulator, and the all new "Fuel Box" a giant matchbox style area, making the perfect photo setting to have your car in. 

Green BAC Mono at Fuel Fest

The guys at Fuel are very generously donating 20% of the proceeds from the Fuel Box to CALM alongside the donations I currently make and the money we collected in the donation box at the event.