Ambassador Updates

by Lewis Warren on July 24, 2022

This Month I've received a couple of requests to be brand ambassadors, which in itself is amazing, but this has also lead me to re-designing the idea of the ambassadors. 

For me ambassadors not only stand for what Takona is about, but help grow the community idea it is built upon. 

And for that, they deserve whatever reward I can give them.

So, they're all getting discount codes, and all the savings they make for you will be given back to them in store credit. This allows them to share the message more, and you get to support your favourite people. 

Takona Ambassador Card

With this change comes a great announcement, there's now three new ambassadors!

James Millar 

James Millar Racing Driver

James is a racing driver, that should be enough right? Pretty cool to have a racing driver as an ambassador. 

James got in touch having been to a few of the Coffees and Cars meets and asked how he could help share the ideas behind Takona, in particular if he could be a brand ambassador, obviously I said yes. 

You can find more about James over on his Instagram Page.

Trevor & Zoe Bourner


Trevor and Zoe have been supporting Takona for a while, having put stickers on their brilliantly Green (colour not EV) Mercedes. 

They recently started a Facebook community called Lit Cars as a way to build community and connect, so got in touch about using this platform to help share what Takona is doing. Being able to share the coffees and cars meets and the way that cars and their communities bring people together is exactly what Takona is about and so makes for a perfect match. 

You can find the Lit Cars group over on Facebook.

 A huge thank you to our existing and new ambassadors for helping to make Takona what it is.